92-Year-Old Raped by “Young Man That Wants to Turn His Life Around”

Simon Angilda

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3 Responses to “92-Year-Old Raped by “Young Man That Wants to Turn His Life Around””

  1. rmvALLMuslims Says:

    Young “MAN” – The media really is an accessory after the FACT! So afraid of speaking the TRUTH!

  2. “He wants to turn his life around.” They didn’t add that he was just “looking for a better life” because that would have tipped us off he’s an immigrant.

    Of course, the media do not want Americans to know he’s an immigrant, definitely African, probably Somali. Somali immigrants have a huge history of criminality in this country.

    The Obama State Dept. brings in African criminals by the planeloads at US taxpayers’ expense (billions) every year to rob, rape, pillage, and murder. That’s why they’re here.

    Visit this website to learn more about the government’s fraud-infested “refugee” programs.


  3. NV:
    The ONLY way to turn THIS beast’s life around…is to TAKE IT FROM HIM…period!
    (be a damn good start, anyway)


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