Pastor Shoots Teen

Alex Williams

A Georgia pastor shot a teen for breaking the window in his van. Some say the young Negroes in his neighborhood were terrorizing him and his church.

Click here for this story.


2 Responses to “Pastor Shoots Teen”

  1. NV:
    Goes to show the level these knee-grow kids will stoop to control a piece of “territory”…AND TERRORIZE normal citizens.

    All this pastor did was try and bring CIVILITY to the area.
    I say pin a damn MEDAL on him for practicing a BETTER method of “urban-development”.

    I know a little of what he’s gone through.
    Had our house egged, window broken, monkey litter all over…all because “we” represent something BETTER than the rest of the human trash in the area.
    And OUR city also does nothing to change it.
    (and I also have a gun and know how to use it)

    Last time I checked, DECENT folk had the EXACT SAME access to all this “quality-of-life” thing.

    I hope the pastor gets off and gets out.
    Jail the little welfare-sucking bastards that perpetrated these crimes against a man of God.

    Stay safe out there.

  2. I didn’t hear about this story out of San Diego (is it any surprise). Check out the names of the suspects. Guess who?

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