Elderly Couple and Son Beaten; Mom Dies

Teodilinda Naimo

The heads of elderly white women and men keep getting pounded. Nope, no hate crime here either.

Some still haven’t caught on yet.

Click here for this story.

It’s a common technique for the media to avoid showing pictures of both the victims and the assailants on the same story, when the assailant is black and victim is white (which is typical). So, you usually have to piece it together from separate sources, which should be the job of responsible journalists.

Click here
for a picture of one of the assailants.


2 Responses to “Elderly Couple and Son Beaten; Mom Dies”

  1. Once again, thank you for your service and commitment to exposing the truth. It does not surprise me that news organizations keep hemorrhaging readers/viewers. Here is another mob robbery out of Las Vegas:


    I suspect it won’t be much longer before they start using the same tactics on individual residences.

  2. NV:
    I heard Europe is breathing easier….NOW.

    A ship with about 600 black migrants broke apart and sank off the coast of Libya…
    (got any MORE of those ships for the USA?)

    Score one for the good guys..and yes, there IS a God.


    Stay safe.

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