Woman Raped, Beaten, Smuggled Out in Suitcase and Left for Dead

This is Inna Budnytska and her rapist (and nearly killer), Michael Jones.

A Florida woman, originally from the Ukraine, was found severely beaten and discovered clinging to life. There were few clues initially. The victim gained consciousness in the hospital and provided her name and some other information. Her name was Inna Budnytska. She had little to no memory of the actual attack.

Thanks to the amazing work of Private Investigator, Ken Brennan (who I assume to be of good Irish stock), this case was solved. Brennan, through painstaking research and review of video discovered a Negro that was seen on camera in a brief encounter with the victim, Inna, prior to the attack. The encounter took place in a hotel she was staying in in Miami. The Negro gave a “polite” gesture to allow her to go before him to get on an elevator. That would be the last time she would be seen before her nearly lifeless body was discovered in a field.

Ken Brennan

Not many people are aware at the staggering numbers of black on white rape in this country. Here are the Department of Justice numbers.

Detectives asked the question, how did her battered body find its way to that field without having been seen leaving the hotel? No cameras recorded her having left. Brennan hypothesized that the Negro that was seen getting on the elevator with the victim, beat, raped and then stuffed her in a suitcase. He carted her body out in the suitcase.

The private investigator was relentless in his pursuit of the truth, and his persistence paid off. A violent rapist that could have went free, did not get away, thanks to Mr. Brennan.

Click here for the story by 20/20.


10 Responses to “Woman Raped, Beaten, Smuggled Out in Suitcase and Left for Dead”

  1. blame yt 2012 Says:

    typical black piece of crap!

  2. Mike Bailey Says:

    It’s a good thing that you offer up the justice department figures on black on white rape when you report on individual black on white rapes. You should post ‘The Color Of Cirme’ on your web site. It’s available in a number of places as a free pdf download. Best wishes.


    It saddens my heart to hear of her ordeal, I feel for her, but you all are ignorant and racial human beings, do you think that if she was not white she would not have been raped? What about the white men that serial rape and kill African American women? Should that be called the color of crime too? Or that does not count. What a load of crap and stupid human beings you all are. She was raped by a heinous human being; his color does not make it any worst. Or would it have been better if she was raped by a white instead of a Negro? See the crime for what it is, please!

    • niviusvir Says:

      Considering the grossly disproportionate rates of black on white crime, race does very much matter. Race doesn’t matter to you, but it is very important to other races. If you can see the black on white crime statistics and not realize there is a major problem, then you are beyond help. Whites are being slaughtered, raped and tortured at the hands of people whose “race doesn’t matter.” Here are just some of the statistics:


      Whites are the only ones that have been conned in to the mindset that race doesn’t matter, while every other race works hard to make gains for themselves.

  4. I don’t think her race was as big a factor as her nocturnal habits. There are lots of hotels, all over the world where women of any race are not safe, wandering in an out at 2-4 A.M.

    Seems like Inna has learned pretty quickly about the american way. Two law suits in a pretty short period of time.

    Enjoyed the site, keep up the good work.

    • When it comes to race, the numbers are staggeringly disproportionate when compared. Blacks rape and murder white women and women in general at alarmingly high rates. Just look at the stats on this site.

  5. vanessa Says:

    It is IDIOTS like him that make it hard to trust Black people. We are beat down, talked about and ridiculed enough. Keep fools like him locked up or castrate them i don’t care, just get rid of them

  6. Al Sharpton Says:

    Brennan you are Racist. The victim originally stated it was two white men with hispanic accents that raped her what happened to the two white men with Hispanic Accents that raped her? Just pin it on a Black man with circumstantial evidence at best!

    • Gavril Wiliamovich Says:

      And what is wrong with being a racist? Recognizing that blacks are a failed race under custodial care is only common sense. Blacks are the scum of the earth and have never accomplished anything except violence. If they all disappeared from the planet tomorrow the world would be a better place. Racist enough for you, fucktard?

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