Now a Mom Rescues Her Son From a Pedophile!


Just after blogging about a white dad that captured a Negro sexual predator that tried to abduct his daughter, we’ve discovered that in North Carolina a woman was fighting off another Negro sexual predator that was trying to abduct her son!

It happened in broad daylight, Frazier Park, in North Carolina. Camilla McCall fought with the pervert in a tug of war for her child, telling herself not to let her son go.

Click here for the story with the description.

And click here for the video.


2 Responses to “Now a Mom Rescues Her Son From a Pedophile!”

  1. It truly amazes me how many people I run into here in the Carolinas who refuse to believe just how bad Charlotte, Durham, Spartanburg, and Columbia have gotten……although I have to believe that Charlotte takes the cake. You could probably run an entire website on the city of Charlotte and the complete clusterfuck the city has become due to the high number of feral chimps and mexishits who reside there and engage daily in their feral behavior. I do hope they find this abducting negro soon and introduce him to the end of a short rope connected to a tall tree……..

  2. Suziewoman Says:


    I’m very aware about the ‘Harlotte. It’s officially a turd-world cesspool full of negroidal savages, dirty evil mexicans, a host of half breed s##tbeasts, bunch of n***er-loving white libtards and spineless conservatives. It’s where the negroid mayor and libtard newspaper ban American Renaissance while applauding the DNC having its divershitty convention there.

    Also, you will hardly ever read about turd world crime in the ‘Harlotte Observer.

    Charlotte is truly the ‘harlotte of the Carolinas.

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