Autopart Store Workers Murdered in Cold Blood

Randy Chaney and Edward Gurtner

Lee Turner Jr.

Police say that Randy Chaney and Edward Gurtner were shot to death by Negro, Lee Turner Jr.

Negroes have been keeping the body bags full of white bodies for some time now. Mr. Turner Jr. seems to be keeping up that tradition.

Maybe if I watch an MLK memorial it will make me forget about the epidemic of black on white crime. Communists always make me forget about my problems.

Click here for this story.


3 Responses to “Autopart Store Workers Murdered in Cold Blood”

  1. Concerned_Dad Says:

    It’s positively scary how you look at “the accused” and say, “Damn, but that guy looks guilty: Big jaw, arched eyebrows (“what are you looking at?”), angry eyes (“it wasn’t me”), angry mouth, tilted head (again, “What are you looking at?”). Some criminals really do look like criminals. I can’t wait for the mom’s defense: He was a good kid — a regular choir boy — he fell in with bad friends — he was in the wrong place at the wrong time — the two white devils must have provoked him… Ugh.

  2. Great site – keep up the great work – goes to show that 90% of all blacks are nothing but subhuman chimps!

  3. Reporting about this cold blooded murder case of auto part worker was really a terrific situation for updater. I am little scary by this murder case.

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