Woman Nearly Decapitated by Diversity

Sarah Coit

Raul Barrera

Sarah Coit was nearly decapitated by her Negro lover, Raul Barrera (this brings back memories of OJ). Amazingly she was still alive when arriving at the hospital. Witnesses claim that her screams were bone-chilling.

I’m assuming she either told him to get a job, or go to school.

Click here for this horrific story. And remember, diversity is our strength. Tell that to all of the dead white women I’ve blogged about.


2 Responses to “Woman Nearly Decapitated by Diversity”

  1. Do not recall ever hearing of a jealous white man murdering his women in this fashion, whereas lose count the number of reports of this throat slashing technique being practiced by blacks and other non whites.
    Also, white men quite often take their own life in the process, after murdering their women. This never seems to be the choice for blacks.
    Might assume some blacks get a real kick out of butchering, and find all those years behind bars tolerable if recalling that magic moment.

  2. Creatures like THIS piece of crap live by ONE mandate:
    What’s YOURS is MINE, and what’s MINE is MY OWN”

    They have NO morality, NO civility, NO integrity, and NO honor…and our government gives them “alldatfreeshit”…WHY?
    Time to change THAT, eh?

    Stay safe.

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