Woman Says it’s Like Living in the Middle of a “War Zone”

Hellen Vello

Hellen Vello says where she lives in Baltimore is like living in a “war zone.” She says when she bought her house it was a great place to live, but things have really “changed.” This is the type of “change you can believe in.” Don’t take my word for it; listen to her account, the account of another white having to live in terror around Negroes.

Click here to watch the interview.


2 Responses to “Woman Says it’s Like Living in the Middle of a “War Zone””

  1. NV:
    That was some great journalism…and SO MUCH TRUTH there.

    I have found a “kindred spirit” in Helen Vello.
    We just live in different cities, but we STAND for the exact same values.
    I know her concern ONLY too well.
    I also “live the adventure” in Ft. Wayne’s SE side.
    Same thing has happened to our neighborhood in less than a damn DECADE.
    (thanks HUD, section 8, housing vouchers, and deadbeat landlords)

    It’s a PEOPLE problem…definitely.
    And NO ONE should EVER have to be chased from THEIR HOME (that they bust their ass to BUY through hard work) because of minority thuggery and intimidation.
    This is a perfect case of RACISM (against whites)!
    I did a post on Monday about how the price of OUR house went from $76.4K DOWN to $18.9K in UNDER 6 years (and showed a few of the “reasons” WHY it happened)…thanks to rental scum and “diversity”.

    Totally disgusting and unwarranted.

    Excellent post and video links!

    Stay safe out there.

  2. niviusvir Says:

    It’s good to hear from you, Bob.

    Poor Mrs. Vello really does seem to be living the American nightmare, doesn’t she?

    That’s a shame about the drop in your property’s worth. That’s another wonderful effect of diversity.

    Take care,

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