A Man Can’t Even Read His Bible in Peace

A Georgia man was simply trying to read his Bible in peace, when the devil came knocking, actually, devils that is. Four Negroes barged into the man’s home while he was reading the Holy Book. They pistol whipped him, held a gun to his head and demanded that he give them his banking information.

I can hardly wait till blacks are the majority. Everybody will have to hire Blackwater in order to protect their home.

Click here for this story.


One Response to “A Man Can’t Even Read His Bible in Peace”

  1. NV:
    I’m arming up already…got 2 pistols AND a shotgun.
    (and enough ammo to clean the entire quadrant out)

    I even told the police captain that all I really needed were 2 police marksmen, THREE rifles (with 200 rds each) and NO QUESTIONS for about a week…and crime would definitely GO DOWN.
    (never heard back on that)


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