92-Year-Old Raped

Simon Angilda

Thanks to Jonathan.

Click here for this story.


2 Responses to “92-Year-Old Raped”

  1. I noted the comments section was CLOSED (gee, I wonder why) at the so-called news site linked above so I’ll post my comment here.

    The “news report” doesn’t identify the race of the victim. Was this another black-on-white crime? NO ONE is safe from these savages, even 92 year old women in walkers.

    As a woman in my late 60s I took some comfort there was one crime I was safe from–RAPE. No longer. Not with these animals they’re forcing into our communities.

    Also another vital piece of information the so-called news report omitted: is this guy an immigrant? Is he Somali? His name, his picture and his behavior suggest he is another predatory African “refugee.”

    Americans need honest information, not PC marxist multicultural propaganda, to protect ourselves from victimization by criminal rapists and murderers our government force on us.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Justin, that’s a great comment. You’re comments are always welcome here.

      I agree, people are starving for honesty, especially about black and “minority” violence against whites.

      If you only saw all of the beaten, tortured and murdered elderly that I’ve seen doing this blog, you’d be amazed. It’s nearly always at the hands of a Negro or some other “oppressed minority.”

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