Crowd of Minorities do Some Shopping – and Brawling

An H&M clothing store in Philadelphia recently enjoyed some diversity.

There will be no shopping in peace here.

Click here for the full story.


3 Responses to “Crowd of Minorities do Some Shopping – and Brawling”

  1. Just another fine example of what a pack of Negroids do in their spare time. I would not want to have been caught up anywhere near this disgusting display of barbarism.

  2. NV:
    Sounds like something another group did back in Philly LAST year, when they “went shopping” at the Gallery downtown.
    Talk about lightning striking “twice”…reminds me of the StPaul store that had FIFTY coons flashmob and rob the place.

    What pisses ME off is that all that “spare time” is bought and paid for by the TAXPAYERS of this country.
    That crap’s got to stop.

    Stay safe out there.

  3. Indeed Bob, until something is done to fix the Justice system so we get back to where the scales of Justice are not tipped in their favor we will see this repeated time and again. Their “spare time” needs to be spent in a jail and tougher sentences need handed out for such barbaric acts.

    Thanks for your comment and You stay safe out there as well.

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