London’s Version of The Night Stalker Described as Being a ‘Gerontophiliac’

Delroy Grant a.k.a. "The Night Stalker"

Delroy Grant stalked and sexually assaulted the elderly of London for approximately a decade. He has been described as being a gerontophiliac.

Grant claims innocence though. He claimed his ex-wife collected his body fluids, and spread them around at rape scenes to incriminate him.

I must admit, I was ignorant to the meaning of the word gerontophilia. My assumption of what it meant was correct, but this was a new word to me. defines it as being simply a, “sex attraction toward old persons.”

Click here for this story.

Also, here is a criminologist’s explanation of of Grant’s gerontophilia.


2 Responses to “London’s Version of The Night Stalker Described as Being a ‘Gerontophiliac’”

  1. expose_them_all Says:

    That’s all these ugly bastards are, are predators. And whites folks are who they like to prey upon.

  2. suziewoman Says:

    Exactly, Expose. The negroid savages think they’re so entitlted to Whites and their produce that they have the right to plunder anything people of European descent have, including older women.

    That guy needs to be executed ASAP!

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