‘Group Broke Into Elderly Couple’s Home, Attacked Them’

Daryl Page

Kristen Danielle Pearson

Lashonda Shaneeka Toney

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3 Responses to “‘Group Broke Into Elderly Couple’s Home, Attacked Them’”

  1. expose_them_all Says:

    I have the perfect hatreds for these creatures. I hate them in every way. They are no good from the bone marrow on out. They are 100% useless 100% of the time. They are evil beings that should be destroyed. It should be made legal to shoot them down when spotted and where they stand and, with no questions asked. Matter of fact, medals of honor should be bestowed with each kill. And personally, at the end of the first day, I’d have an entire chest-full of medals. Gold ones. — ATTN: FBI – ADL – NAACP… I mean if it was legal of course (which it should be).

  2. suziewoman Says:

    Disgusting sheboons!

  3. We in America have really not gone very far since Reconstruction.
    A cue still seems to be waving on a hooded vigilante to right outrages committed against a people. and would not be surprised if so, as what is called justice now have seems a vacuum. Nature hates a vacuum.

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