FDNY Forced to Pay Minorities for Failing?

Our friends at the Department of “Justice” are at it again. When they’re not ignoring Black Panthers that are terrorizing whites at voting precincts, they’re trying to force fire departments to compensate minorities for failing test grades.

They ask such perplexing questions on these “unfair” tests (with an open-book option) such as, how many fire-hydrants do do you see? The DOJ is demanding that minorities should be able to pass their tests while missing “as much as seventy percent” of the exam.

The “Justice” Department has also demanded that Dayton, Ohio police officers allow incompetent police officers to join their ranks, forcing police to accept terrible test scores as passing.

Click here to witness “justice” at work with the firefighters of New York City.


2 Responses to “FDNY Forced to Pay Minorities for Failing?”

  1. suziewoman Says:

    Turd world Dayton, Ohio. A cesspool full of low-IQ non-whites, especially savage negroids. They made it into a hellhole for the past 50 years. Now, even savage negroids are leaving it for the suburbs, or to an another hellhole city that is Atlanta.

  2. NV:
    It’s all about making everyone “feel good”…no one’s a LOSER…social justice…whatever.
    It’s ALL BS…period!

    You succeed OR fail based on what YOU know…and not WHO you know (or how loud you can bitch a fit).
    The BEST (most qualified) person for the job…that’s all.

    Yeah, I’m old-fashioned that way.


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