‘Elderly Pastor Attacked in Jewelry Store Robbery’

Pastor Don Shockley

Here is a close look at the violent and heartless robbers.

This elderly Gwinnett county, Georgia pastor, Don Shockley was clobbered in the head by a Negro that decided to rob a jewelry store with other Negroes. After the elderly man was blind sided, he fell to the floor, where his elderly wife tries to comfort him.

These are heartless animals and if you can’t see that then you’re blind. White people better stare at these videos, and let it sink in. Do not live in a delusional state; realize what is happening to our people.

Click here for this story.

This makes me think of so many elderly white victims I have seen attacked by blacks, and people continue to go along with this “oppressed blacks” con job. Below are just a couple of the many, and I stress many attacks on elderly whites by blacks:

I can’t forget the Lois Rossen beating in Virginia either:

This was Louis Rossen before diiversity.

This was Louis Rossen after diversity.

This was the monster behind this, Remone Houchens.

Click here
for the Lois Rossen story, a story that most people have already forgotten about.


One Response to “‘Elderly Pastor Attacked in Jewelry Store Robbery’”

  1. expose_them_all Says:

    All black parasites should be forcibly removed from the midst of their white benefactors immediately (sooner if possible). I say “forcibly” because even this simple beast realizes it relies on whitey for its survival. Whether for the food stamps, clothing, housing, heating etc. that is removed from whiteys wallet in the form of taxation and then redistributed to the ghetto in the form of “entitlements.” Or, from the shiny gold trinkets that are cut from around whiteys neck and taken to Goldberg’s pawnshop and sold for pennies on the dollar. These black ingrates know they need whitey. So yea, they would fight tooth and nail from being expelled from their sources of bling and existence. And yea, forcibly removing this violent predator immediately (if not sooner), from innocent white folks would become necessary. Let’s remember, these primitive primates where drug here in chains and with force. And they sure as hell can be drug back in chains and with force. How much force depends on them. I could care less, fight to the death if you want black beasts. Whatever it takes to save another innocent white from becoming your victim – that’s all I care about

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