Police Say They Have Murderer in Custody

Jaime Hood's cop killing days should be over.

Jaime Hood, the man Georgia police have been hunting for the past few days has turned himself in. He was wanted for the murder of Elmer “Buddy” Christian, and the shooting of officer Tony Howard.

Now, let’s hope the judicial system deals with him properly.

Click here to witness the surrender.

Click here to watch this fiend’s arrival at jail.


2 Responses to “Police Say They Have Murderer in Custody”

  1. expose_them_all Says:

    Man, that’s one fine specimen of the lowly feral negro beast. The lowlife creature just drips with contempt. And if I had my way about it, the thing would be dripping with blood before being loaded on a ship and disposed of properly. In an environmentally friendly way of course. I hate these mofos – and… I’m serious this time.

  2. He beez a good keeid, he din’ do nuffin ! He beez keepin’ it real an sheeit, dawg! Gibs me dat check, I gotsta git me a ‘foty an’ sum jenkum. Duh rayciss po po beez keepin’ us opresst, kaus dey beez honKKKy craKKKa rayciss! word

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