$50k Reward for Man Suspected of Murdering Officer

Slain officer, Elmer "Buddy" Christian

Jaime Hood

Two Georgia police officers were shot by a Negro. One of the officers, Elmer “Buddy” Christian died, and the other officer, Tony Howard survived.

Officer Christian was a youth ministry leader in his church, and described as being, “the most compassionate and caring man.” Pastor Randy Crowe said about the officer, “He loved serving the Lord.” He also said about the deceased officer, “If you needed a friend, Buddy Christian was your friend.”

We’ve blogged about the murders of white police officers at the hands of Negroes many times in the past, and unfortunately that will continue as long as police try to make the Negro behave.

Click here for this sad story.

Click here for a different report.

Here are just a fraction of the murders of white officers by Negro assailants.


2 Responses to “$50k Reward for Man Suspected of Murdering Officer”

  1. NV:
    I was always taught that when you have ANY dangerous animal, the BEST course is to “put it down”…
    (good way to make it behave)

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Christian’s family, friend and fellow church-goers.

  2. […] what the options are. Surrender of we will find you and arrest you.” This is regarding the slaying of Georgia police officer, Elmer “Buddy” Christian and shooting of another police […]

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