‘Great Mom’

This was one we missed.

This “great mom” (as described by a spokeswoman for her) murdered her child. The child was discovered in her oven.


2 Responses to “‘Great Mom’”

  1. I guess she thought the niglet was a chicken

  2. NV:
    That’s as bad as the baby-mama welfare sucker (in Ft. Wayne) that left the house to have a 45 minute “smoke” while her FIVE (taxpayer-funded) children had a HOT iron nearby, a container of RAT POISON and a handgun case.
    She returned to the home DRUNK as hell, too.

    The prosecutor TOSSED the damn case after 72 hours with NO CHARGES being filed against the sheboon.
    One again, JUSTICE was totally BLIND.

    Gotta love it.

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