Another Marine Dies from Diversity

Ryan Lekosky and wife, Kristin

Ryan Lekosky was walking with his wife in the French Quarter of New Orleans, when a Negro driving by in a vehicle made rude comments about the marine’s wife. The couple were then attacked, and the marine was subsequently murdered.

This is not the first United States Marine that we’ve blogged about being murdered by a Negro. Click here for the story of the Ohio Marine that was murdered by an “oppressed” Negro. There was also the story of the four black marines that murdered and tortured Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife. She was raped. The victim and his wife were an interracial couple, her being black. Although his miscegenation was a foolish act in my opinion, the point is the fact that not even marines are safe around Negroes.

Melvin Clay

Helaina Amrine was arrested with Clay.

Click here for the story of the attack. Also, click here for the story of the arrests.


3 Responses to “Another Marine Dies from Diversity”

  1. Maybe Helaina Amrine’s chillun will grows up to be presidint.

  2. tiffney brown Says:

    well i dnt thnk she deserves 2 b n there she didnt kill da guy she cnt help who she was around

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