White Lady Pays for Working With Diversity

Janya Murray

Another white woman is dead at the hands of an “oppressed” minority. Police say Janya Murray, from Arlington, Virginia, was murdered by her Negro co-worker, Brittany Norwood. Norwood lured her co-worker back to their place of work after hours. That’s when the Negro went into her murderous action. The crime scene was described as being very “gruesome.” After the murder, the Negro took a spin in the victim’s car.

Police are now saying that the murderer was caught stealing from the two co-workers’ place of business. Ms. Norwood did not want the white woman to do the right thing and inform the store of her criminal behavior, so she killed Ms. Murray.

This story will fade faster than today’s sun, so look at it, and remember this is another victim of black on white violence.

You can also click here for the story as well.


2 Responses to “White Lady Pays for Working With Diversity”

  1. expose_them_all Says:

    What an ugly and repulsive she-boon! Good lord man, looking at that large forehead, oversized lips, ape-looking nostrils and monkey eyes, I’m wondering… is that thing even human? The blond White girl was beautiful – too bad America, like all white nations, has diversity. These filthy, savage and violent primitive primates really need a jungle of their own.

  2. expose_them_all Says:

    Why does the jewsmedia hire so many negro newsreaders? Negroes must be at least 99% of the population cause they are on every news channel reading the news. Seems like just out of common decency they would have at least one non-jew White person available to report on these black on white hate crimes.

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