‘Disney worker accused of raping woman in Caribbean Beach Resort’

Wilbert Brookins

Thanks to PeteR for this one.

Click here for the story.


9 Responses to “‘Disney worker accused of raping woman in Caribbean Beach Resort’”

  1. Might this Rodent be related to Mickey?

  2. Be careful about with whom you leave your children:


  3. Disney better clean up their act and stop hiring predators if they want me to bring my family to Disney World.

  4. expose_them_all Says:

    I wouldn’t have hired this SOB as pooper-scooper at the resort. Because I know damn well, the beast would have caught-up with a poor, innocent dog at some point and done the same thing he done against the dilly female. What’s below subhuman? Whatever it is, that’s what the negro beast is – below subhuman. The lowest form of life known the world over. I can’t even fathom how our forefathers ever tolerated this evil and repulsive thing to be in their midst. What a curse it has become.

  5. Rodger McFirmudh Says:

    They came to see ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ but got Pirates of Somalia instead…

  6. Zippity Doo Dah Says:

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — A notorious NIGGER serial rapist who terrorized Columbus in the 1970s and ’80s applies for a commutation of his lengthy prison sentence.

    Dr. Edward F. Jackson, (yes, the Nigger was a Physician!) dubbed the Grandview rapist, raped as many as 36 women and is probably the most notorious serial rapist in the city’s recent history.

    Jackson’s assaults were planned carefully and oftentimes were executed in the early morning hours. He wore a ski mask and entered victims’ homes through windows. He bound his victims with knotted ropes, usually called them by name and assigned them “victim numbers.”

    Link to the video:


  7. In the article you can read these gripping words, “The woman “made a point to tell BJ that she was not willing to trade sexual favors for what he was doing,” the report stated. “BJ replied that he ‘wouldn’t dare think of that.””

    The very fact that her first instincts where telling her to verbalize that she was not willing to trade sexual favors for what he was offering her should have been enough to tell her to tell him, thanks but no thanks.

    More women need to wake up and use their instincts when it comes to the risks they run by being around blacks and black men in particular.
    It is a shame she had to learn the hard way, but maybe others can read about this crime and start to put it all together.

    Thank you for posting this story Nivius. The hard work you put into your blog is greatly appreciated.

  8. Have you stopped posting at this web site?

    I notice it’s been two (02) weeks since your last post, but you are still posting stuff on YOU TUBE.

    If you’re closing down this web site, then I’ll delete it from the list of blogs I follow.

    But, if you’re still going to post stuff, then I’ll keep it on the list.

    • niviusvir Says:

      I appreciate the question, John. I’ve been very busy lately, so the posts have and research has been less frequent. I’m going to try to resume posts more ofter again.

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