Pepsi Commercial

Thanks to Robert in Arabia for showing us this new commercial from Pepsi. Enjoy the symbolism in this.


3 Responses to “Pepsi Commercial”

  1. Pepsi finally gets the message that whites trusting blacks in open public spaces is unwise. Ever get hit on the head with a swiftly thrown can. The stricken white girl plays the part accurately in becoming victim to an unprovoked assault by one or more blacks. Accurate also was the disregard the blacks had for the injury they inflicted, and how without a word the two instantly knew it was time to flee.
    Must commend Pepsi on this public service announcement.

  2. Negroid throws bleach in white man’s face so he can get free pizza.

  3. NV:
    If that’s not TNB…I dunno WHAT is.
    (just pretending to be better than they really are)

    Well done.

    Stay safe

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