Another Commercial Meant to Destroy our Race

Here’s a new one.

The “multiculturalists” are going to start pumping these commercials out as fast as they can. They know whites are waking up.

As usual, the “star” of the commercial is a Negro with his harem. And what would a Negro’s harem be without a white, female slave? They also like to accompany commercials like this with classical piano music, the type of music that most Negroes wouldn’t be caught dead listening to. The music adds to the “sophisticated” illusion that they desire. This is their formula for destroying whites, and they’re going to stick with it.

The brother of this Negro, Daymon Wayans, I believe is a hardcore racist, based on one of his You Tube videos that I recall from the past. I remember him telling a white to go back to their cave in Europe. I’m sure I have that video somewhere.


3 Responses to “Another Commercial Meant to Destroy our Race”

  1. suziewoman Says:

    One word. Disgusting!

  2. NV:
    Sounds like leftist BS to me as well…

  3. mixitupabit Says:

    This video is awesome!

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