Women Should Watch This

Episode 54, of the television show, I Survived is interesting. The show is comprised of accounts from survivors of horrible accidents, attacks by animals and attempted murders by bipedal animals. This show can be seen at the A&E website for a limited time.

A red haired female, Danielle, of Conway, SC tells her true tale of having offered a young Negro a ride, a decision that she later regretted. She tells those that will listen, of how guilt helped force her into the imprudent decision. She asked herself, ” If he was a well dressed white boy, would I be having this turmoil?” So the guilt that the egalitarian globalists have instilled in females like this, nearly cost her her life. Oprah is not real life, this is.

As most know, the media allow the Negro on white epidemic of violence to usually receive little attention.


6 Responses to “Women Should Watch This”

  1. Thanks, Brian. Your efforts toward honesty about race are appreciated. I’m so happy that you too are helping to wake people up to FACTS about race. These are not easy times for honest people.

  2. You can read an update and video of see the ‘remorseful, sad-looking youth’ here.

  3. expose_them_all Says:

    Nice report and follow-ups – that’s one ugly, repulsive and nappy-headed African in America. I mean, if I were ever browsing the Bible and came across the words; “Satanic Being, Devil, Beast of the Field, Two-Legged Beast” …. then, all I would have to do was look at this creature’s image to see what one looked like. Also, if this girl really thought that the African in America really needed a ride… well… she was delirious from the jump. That ugly beast didn’t need a ride, the cunning and conniving creature only wanted in her car – with her in it. Guilt-ridden Whites need to remember that. These dark-skinned beasts are more slippery than the average beast. Plus, they know how to play the sympathy game with those baby-primate eyes. These beasts know by instinct that Whites have feelings and compassions and thus, are suckers for that “po po me” BS – especially our nurturing and loving White females. Who, place themselves in ridiculously deadly situations while trying to help the beast on a daily basis and, with dire consequences.

    These sly, crafty, manipulative and evil beast are quite simply, beyond any type of help or assistance. If the GD federal government itself can’t help them, I know damn well no White man (or woman) can.

    Also, this was on Ted Turner’s A&E channel – thank God for this goyim, if it wasn’t for him, the “white boy” remark may have been edited out of the broadcast by some editor named Steinberg or Goldblum.

    Anyway, I never watch these videos via the net – but I did want to watch this set of vids, what I did was downloaded them so I can review w/o the BS. And if I think it worthy, which I find this one worthy, I will archive in a DVD for future use. Whatever that future use may be.

    Thanks gentlemen – nice blog.

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