We All Know What People do to Motorists Stuck in Snow – They Rob Them of Course!

Michael Wilson, Jr., 17 (l.) and Darion Page, 18

In white neighborhoods, when you see a motorist that’s stuck in the snow we usually help one another. But thanks to cultural diversity, our Negro friends have shown us another approach to dealing with those that find the misfortune of being stuck in the snow; they rob people in this situation.

When I heard the headline, my magical stereotyping powers kicked in (remember, only “white supremacists” stereotype), my spider sense began to tingle, and I knew that Negroes must have been involved: I was right! Wow, am I psychic!

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6 Responses to “We All Know What People do to Motorists Stuck in Snow – They Rob Them of Course!”

  1. Again we see a good reason to carry a gun in your car.

  2. suziewoman Says:

    Savage mulattoes!

  3. Enoch Powell Says:

    Savvy negros know: Never let a good crisis go to waste. That deeply-stupid, affirmative-action parasite Obama would give this creative response to bad weather his leftist stamp of approval. Redistribute the wealth!

  4. expose_them_all Says:

    Man, if I was stuck in the snow or some sh*t and seen a couple coons strutting towards me, you’d better know I’d be ready for action. And that action wouldn’t include jumper cables or tow-chains – I’m talking the full brunt of a fully loaded 45. And once I was forced to fire, there wouldn’t be no wounded bucks, I don’t trust the wounded ones either – there’d be some dead coons stretched out for sure – cause I know it would either be me or them. And I’d strive for the latter. Man, weez come ta hep yo wite ass man. Yea right. F that sh*t, these coons are evil and they hate you. Be ready for action at the drop of a yarmulke – I know I would be.

  5. NV:
    Then after ya shoot ’em, slide ’em under the wheels for TRACTION…that should be enough to get ‘ya UNSTUCK!

    Just a thought.

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