One That We Missed

I know, this blog is bursting at the seams with stories of elderly whites being savagely attacked and murdered by Negroes, but this is one we missed.


One Response to “One That We Missed”

  1. You also seemed to have missed a different one (not an elderly abuse). That Alaskan woman who abused an adopted Russian boy by pouring hot sauce down his throat and making him take cold showers was a mulatto black. In accordance with the rules of TNB, she sent videos of herself doing it to Dr. Phil and appeared on his show. Of course, no mention in anything written that she was black, and her name as well as Alaskan domicile tend to throw off suspicions if you only see it in writing. Of course in this day and age, we have to applaud the media for even being willing to share this story at all, given how reluctant it is to show black on white crimes. Link to the story is below.

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