Woman Refuses to Obey Court Rules, so the ACLU is Coming to ‘Save the Day’

A woman who was told to remove her headscarf in court, could not resist her recalcitrant nature, and refused. So, the ACLU felt it necessary to stick its nose into the matter: the “racism business” must be slow for them this time of the year.

It’s absurd that the media would waste time giving this story any coverage. I’d much rather read about a cat stuck in a tree. But, the media cover stories like this, because it’s all part of their agenda. They cover stories like this for the same reason they give stories about how “controversial” saying merry Christmas is: I feel that is to carry out the globalist ambitions of their masters.

The media in this country and globally are a major source of problems. Nobody is better at manufacturing “controversy” than the media. They decide what we talk about.

Click here for this silly story.


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