Murderous Pimp Behind Bars: One Down, Tens of Thousands More to Go

Derrick Holmes

Countless Negro pimps in this country have enslaved women, white, black and any other race you can think of. They know how to dominate and rule with perception and viciousness over their slaves. These scoundrels know how to smile at the right time, and they know how to say the right things. They play women, especially white women like fiddles.

Derrick Holmes, has been arrested for shooting a woman seventeen times, murdering her. The victim was also black. Holmes had a female accomplice who has been charged as well.

Presented here, is another case of the Negro oppressing the Negro and females in general. There is no greater slave master in the world today, than the Negro.

Click here for this story.


2 Responses to “Murderous Pimp Behind Bars: One Down, Tens of Thousands More to Go”

  1. suziewoman Says:

    Yeah, those savage woman-hating negroid males have a reputation for muh-dik, killing, and beating women. I wish all nonblack women stay away from those worthless savage scum.

  2. truer words have never been spoken from the lips of a racist whoremonger.

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