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Merry Christmas!

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Too Much Truth Has Found Its Way Into the Minds of the People!

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The people that have built their power on deceit have to deal with the internet. Many of us knew the Global Communists were coming for the internet: they’re here. Truths about the corruption of banks, governments, race and other topics have been permeating throughout the world, to the ears of the people that were once conned. The control freaks have to put a stop to that.

I almost feel as if the Wiki Leaks “controversy” was manufactured just for an additional justification of this takeover, yet one of the many takeovers that have occurred globally, in the last few decades.

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Pregnant Teen Girl Attacked by – You Guessed It!

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We all know how ubiquitous the videos of Klan members jumping out from behind bushes and attacking Negroes are, but here is one of those rare videos of a group of Negroes attacking a white, teenage girl.

I’ll stop the sarcasm now: here is yet another common black, gang attack caught on video. Click here for this video.

A thanks goes to Bubba.

Woman Helps Struggling Police Officer

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Otto Coleman

We have seen it countless times, a Negro killing a white police officer, and officers in general.

Otto Coleman, a Negro, was pulled over by officer Jonathan Seiter, in Dayton, Ohio. This was said to be fairly routine initially, but a struggle soon began between the officer and Coleman. This 64-year-old Negro still has some murderous impulse left in him, as he could not fight the urge to kill a white cop. During the struggle, Coleman made a tremendous effort to take this officer’s gun. But fortunately, a good samaritan that was passing by, stopped and helped the officer during the struggle. A woman who saw the struggle stopped, and came to the aid of the officer buy punching the assailant in the head. This helped give the officer enough of an advantage to subdue this would be killer.

Click here for the dramatic video of yet another white police officer, fighting for his life against a black.

‘Man steals $50 and heart meds from Santa, Lincolnton police say’

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Johnny Roseboro

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Woman Refuses to Obey Court Rules, so the ACLU is Coming to ‘Save the Day’

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A woman who was told to remove her headscarf in court, could not resist her recalcitrant nature, and refused. So, the ACLU felt it necessary to stick its nose into the matter: the “racism business” must be slow for them this time of the year.

It’s absurd that the media would waste time giving this story any coverage. I’d much rather read about a cat stuck in a tree. But, the media cover stories like this, because it’s all part of their agenda. They cover stories like this for the same reason they give stories about how “controversial” saying merry Christmas is: I feel that is to carry out the globalist ambitions of their masters.

The media in this country and globally are a major source of problems. Nobody is better at manufacturing “controversy” than the media. They decide what we talk about.

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Murderous Pimp Behind Bars: One Down, Tens of Thousands More to Go

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Derrick Holmes

Countless Negro pimps in this country have enslaved women, white, black and any other race you can think of. They know how to dominate and rule with perception and viciousness over their slaves. These scoundrels know how to smile at the right time, and they know how to say the right things. They play women, especially white women like fiddles.

Derrick Holmes, has been arrested for shooting a woman seventeen times, murdering her. The victim was also black. Holmes had a female accomplice who has been charged as well.

Presented here, is another case of the Negro oppressing the Negro and females in general. There is no greater slave master in the world today, than the Negro.

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Woman’s Brain Damage After Rape, ‘So Severe, She Can no Longer Speak’

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Serial Killer/Rapist on the Loose

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This monster is terrorizing women in Philadelphia.

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‘Shooting victim found lying dead in the street’

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A victim was found shot to death, lying in the street in Baton Rouge. The victim was described as a white male in the video report, but the accompanying article made no mention of the victim’s race.

They say police are releasing few details. Yep, I’d say this story was just another one of the common black on white murders that elude the eyes of many, just like the killers themselves.

Click here for this seemingly insignificant story.

Just for the sake of curiosity, I wonder what the chances of this killer having been a Negro are?

Our people only see a fraction of the overabundant stories like this seemingly insignificant report. It’s stories like this that get buried and lost forever only after a matter of hours. These are our people that are being killed at a vastly disproportionate rate.

The media have tried to hide the truth about black on white crime for a long time now. And for that – I resent them.

And there is the chance, although very slight, that this killer was not a Negro of Hispanic, I’ll go ahead and bet that the executioner(s) was/were indeed – at least one of the two.

At the end of the day, it’s yet another white victim lying on the cold ground. When whites interact with Negros, it’s invariable that according to statistics, not me, that the odds of harm towards the white increase.

Stereotyping almost seems to be a magic power. For so long, the television has tried to command sensible people not to do it. Go ahead, try it, you’ll see there are reasons that humans do it. There are reasons that the FBI stereotype. Shed the guilt and allow your instincts to serve you as nature intended.