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USM Football Players Injured in Shooting: More ‘Admirable Athletes’

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Martez Smith, Tim Green, Deddrick Jones

Here is a story of more Negro “role models” that play football. Three football players from the University of Southern Mississippi have been shot. This is all too common amongst Negro athletes.

Cleothus Wilkerson

A man responsible for this shooting has been arrested. He was arrested along with a female. And much to the “surprise” of many, it was not an “evil klan member” that was hiding in the bushes, instead, it was a fellow Negro. This is just another black on black crime.


They Want to Reconsider Columbus Day 2010?

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Another White Father Tells What it was Like, Having to Identify His Daughter

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Lauren Burk

Lauren Burk was a beautiful young lady that was tending Auburn University. She seemed to be on the path to a decent life, that is until she had the grave misfortune of encountering Courtney Lockhart, another Negro driven by the genetic urge to kill.

The father of this poor girl recalls the agonizing misery that he felt when identifying his daughter.

Eve Carson, another young lady that was tending the University of North Carolina was also murdered by a savage Negro around the same time. Although Eve’s case deserved as much attention as possible, I felt poor Lauren’s case was a bit overshadowed by the Carson case by those of us that report on the rampant epidemic of Negro violence, known by some as “equality.”

Keep telling yourself we are all the same, while the “egalitarians” dig our graves.

Click here for the story.

White Couple Victimized by You Know Who

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Robbie and Crystal Jordan

More whites have been victimized. A North Carolina couple was shot by two Negros that wanted money that did not belong to them. I know, let the shock settle.

Click here for this story.

‘Cheerleader kicked off team for refusing to cheer for assaulter’

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A cheerleader who refused to cheer for a Negro that helped fellow blacks gang rape a young girl was kicked off the squad for not cheering the rapist on.

I know, it is hard to imagine a story of a young white lady being gang raped by the “oppressed” Negro, yet it happened again, in Texas.

Also, check out the euphemistic headline they used, “Cheerleader kicked off team for refusing to cheer for ‘assaulter’ “, not rapist.

Click here for the story of the young lady that was forced to cheer on a rapist.