‘3 wanted in connection with kidnapping teens’

Two male teenagers were kidnapped by three men in North Carolina. The men pulled up beside them in a vehicle, then kidnapped them at gunpoint.

You get one guess as to the race of the criminals.

Click here for this story.

2 Responses to “‘3 wanted in connection with kidnapping teens’”

  1. Here’s another story out of Indianapolis. Ladies purse is stolen during a security screening at airport. Guess the race of the perp.


  2. suziewoman Says:

    The North Carolina Negroidal savages never stop with their satanic ways against Whites. I hope the Whites and Asians in that state lock and load, apocalypse is on the way thanks to that feminazi witch governor.

    Thank you feminazi “governor” Perdue and all the libtards/negroid enablers of North Carolina for making your state into South Africa and Zimbabwe.

    Thank you the savage negro mayor of Charlotte for turning it into another Detroit and Johannesburg. You are not qualified for mayor. All the negroid and latin savages along with spineless White libtards voted you in.

    I still pray for the decent human beings of that state of epic failures due to negroids, latins, and libtards/feminazis.


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