They Want to Reconsider Columbus Day 2010?


4 Responses to “They Want to Reconsider Columbus Day 2010?”

  1. suziewoman Says:

    Please give me a break. I’m so sick and tired of coloreds complaining about how the White man victimize them instead of being grateful that the White man has lifted the standard of living of all people. I’m just sick of it all.


  2. That has to be the most idiotic piece of pc/multicult propaganda I have ever seen. Why the fuck don’t they just go ahead and make 6 days of every week, “white people apologize for all of the world’s ills day”. I’m so damn tired of the way that these idiots have tried to re-write history. Columbus was evil, our founding forefathers were evil, all of our white ancestors were evil. Well, they can kiss my ass. Without all of the forementioned, most of the useless niggers would be bathing in cow piss and the other savages would be killing each other off and living in tents. I’m ready for all of these bend over and take it whites to wake the fuck up and see how far down our country and society has truly fallen.

  3. Sorry, but I’m just not going to apologize for the past. People forget that that’s how the world was back then. That’s how land was acquired. Life was brutal and full of misery. If it wasn’t Columbus, it would have been someone else. Regardless, it’s still history.

    Oh yeah, and when they stop celebrating MLK as some kind of godly civil right’s leader instead of admitting the fact that he was a womanizing plagarist who incited violence everywhere he went, then I’ll stop recognizing Columbus Day.

    • I’d like to remind people that King was also a filthy Communist.

      So many of our ancestors tried to warn us about Communists. And now we find ourselves infected. But there is a treatment for this filthy disease.

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