White Couple Victimized by You Know Who

Robbie and Crystal Jordan

More whites have been victimized. A North Carolina couple was shot by two Negros that wanted money that did not belong to them. I know, let the shock settle.

Click here for this story.


3 Responses to “White Couple Victimized by You Know Who”

  1. suziewoman Says:

    The North Carolina Negroid savages are at it again with their hate crimes against Whites. The feminazi governor of that about to be failed state is releasing savages back onto the streets. Plus, the libby Charlotte Observer cover up crimes commited by savage negros and mexicans there by not covering them.

    I feel sorry for the law-abiding people of North Carolina.


  2. I feel sorry for the decent people too, Suzie.

  3. I have to second Suziewoman’s comments. Charlotte is a true shithole with numerous violent savages. So is Durham and other cities in the state. I’m blessed to live in the country, but the towns around us are crime ridden areas full of niggers and mexishits. I have advised everyone I talk to about arming themselves as this situations will only become more frequent as more violents savages are released onto the streets by this worthless bitch governor.

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