‘Cheerleader kicked off team for refusing to cheer for assaulter’

A cheerleader who refused to cheer for a Negro that helped fellow blacks gang rape a young girl was kicked off the squad for not cheering the rapist on.

I know, it is hard to imagine a story of a young white lady being gang raped by the “oppressed” Negro, yet it happened again, in Texas.

Also, check out the euphemistic headline they used, “Cheerleader kicked off team for refusing to cheer for ‘assaulter’ “, not rapist.

Click here for the story of the young lady that was forced to cheer on a rapist.


5 Responses to “‘Cheerleader kicked off team for refusing to cheer for assaulter’”

  1. No reason self respecting white’s should be attending games played by rapists their daughters.

    Whites who don’t care are just pathetic playdough.

  2. those feral rapist monkeys should be introduced to the end of a rope. What a pathetic sentence for a gang rape. How in the world the girl’s father didn’t hunt these chimps down is beyond me. Amazingly, I’ve heard nothing about this from the mainstream media…….as usual.

  3. I just wish the DECENT people of this nation would wake the hell up and start dispensing the type of justice these animals DESERVE.
    I’m pro-life, BUT…there is a case for (very) late-term ABORTION of these apes, make no mistake.

  4. suziewoman Says:

    Why would any self-respecting White woman and man cheer for those nasty savage negroes? Those savages belong in jail, not in school.

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