‘91% of African Americans Support Obama’


One Response to “‘91% of African Americans Support Obama’”

  1. Ok, my sincere humble apology. As a white South African living outside South Africa(Dingo- get it?) , I always thought that the majority of Americans are dumb. It would take ages to explain that reasoning, never-less, the point I wish to make.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel. The way this gent explains things is like the mist is moving away and you can start seeing things clearly as they are. He isn’t being racist or a white supremacist, he is merely pointing out the differences, together with the impact of trying to find the white man underneath the black man. Very eloquently put.
    Good onya mate, I hope more will see the light. Not to oppress others but to understand them better. It’s the unfortunate paternalistic attitude of the liberal that is so condescending and that causes all the problems.

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