NBC Has a New Slogan!

As if anybody really cares, NBC has a new slogan. Their new slogan is: “More Colorful.”

The multiculturalists/globalists do not even seem to be trying anymore.

The Huffington Post mentions it here.


3 Responses to “NBC Has a New Slogan!”

  1. A generation ago almost everyone was exposed to normal cultural thought in their daily lives, and only received progressive/multicultural programming in school and college, on an occasional basis. The programming was there to control crimethink but didn’t compose the whole content of the mind, it was just part of the superego. Now progressive multicultural brainwashing is so pervasive in society, especially among the most “cultured” and “educated” that it has completely taken over their heads.

  2. The easiest way NBC could become more colorful than already would be to objectively report crimes.

  3. Good call, “zone”…I like that idea!
    Ditto for ABC and CBS!
    (and all the other libtard stations that report ONLY blacks as victims, when a lot more people are realizing that CRIME affects WHITES as well, if not more often BY blacks.)

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