‘Beat Whitey Night’ Never Happened: It Was All In Your Head – Unless You Ended Up in the Hospital

The Iowa State Fair has had a long and proud history, with its premier predating the American Civil War.

Iowans have been able to see such annual attractions as a butter sculpted cow, ride a double Ferris wheel or take in a pie eating contest.

But unfortunately a new attraction seems to have been added: “Beat Whitey Night.” A crowd of unruly and violent Negroes were witnessed by police to have shouted that it is “Beat Whitey Night!”

True to nature, where Negroes aggregate, violence and destruction inevitably ensues. The fair was plagued with violent fights and attacks on whites this year, many apparently a result of the diversity experiment. Many whites were hospitalized and or injured from attacks. Some attacks were quite serious with one victim suffering two fractured orbitals (eye sockets).

De Moines police officers witnessed and officially reported racial hatred being spewed from the mouths of hate-filled Negroes.

But upon hearing of a report painting Negroes in a racist and violent light the “other police” arrived at the scene: the PC police that is.

De Moines Police Chief Judy Bradshaw

Chief Judy Bradshaw has said in an interview, “this isn’t about race – it’s about violence.” After hearing this mindless PC babble I did all I could to refrain from puking.

Sgt. Dave Murillo

Sgt. Dave Murillo apparently disagrees with the chief. Mr. Murillo does not seem to be affected by political correctness, rather he seems to believe in honesty. He said that he heard racist comments coming from blacks, he reported it and he stands by that report.

Good for Sgt. Murillo!

So whites continue to be attacked by hordes of violent Negroes without the appropriate levels of outrage and response.


9 Responses to “‘Beat Whitey Night’ Never Happened: It Was All In Your Head – Unless You Ended Up in the Hospital”

  1. What a crock of shit!!!! You have witnesses who can easily prove this is a hate crime, yet the police chief feigns ignorance and goes along with the pc/multicult/libertard coverup of the truth. If the races had been reversed, there would be a congressional investigation with 24 hour coverage. This is the reality that the msm continues to cover up as packs of feral chimps continue to produce their mayhem and violence upon whites. With “their” president in office and an attorney general who is more than happy to turn a blind eye, more and more hate crimes upon whites are being committed every day of the week. What more will it take for whites to wake up to the fact that our race is under attack????

  2. I took my daughter to the Iowa State Fair this year, had I known this type of thing was going on, I would have taking her to Adventure Land.

    Thanks for the post Niviusvir

    • niviusvir Says:

      Indeed, Mark.

      I’m glad you and your daughter did manage to avoid the violence.

      • I’m calling the Iowa State Fair to complain about allowing packs of Negroes to roam around intimidating white customers.

        I welcome others to call or write; we can make an impact with these issue. Just tell, them we what to be safe.

        Iowa State Fair
        PO Box 57130
        Des Moines IA 50317-0003

        Main Office: (515) 262-3111
        Main Office Fax: (515) 262-6906

        Niviusvir, I’d like to thank you for your concern my friend.

  3. NV:
    Before I stopped by, I was wondering if you’d be covering THIS story.
    Nice to know I can come here and witness TRUTH in reporting.

    I agree w/ Dixieman here…
    The PD chief needs to “rethink” her opinion…this IS a racially-motivated CRIME.
    The ONLY part she DOES have right is that it IS a crime, but she drops the ball believing there is NO “race” aspect to this…
    There most certainly IS.

    Get the BLINDERS OFF, dear!

    Good for SARGE for voicing the REALITY behind this action by BLACK youths against WHITES.

    Wonder if we all decided to have a “beat darkie” night???
    Wonder how the state-run “lame-stream-media” would handle this?
    Oh…We’d hear about that for YEARS!

    I’d hate to see another “Civil War” break out, but if it DOES, it WILL have racial overtones, make no mistake.
    And it will NOT be a WHITE person that “fires that first shot”…you can take THAT to the bank!

    Glad you posted this article.

    Stay safe.

  4. i read the desmoin paper story, and it mentioned 18 year olds arrested for incidents at the fair. this shows that there were adults involved, not just youths. these people should be tried as adults, and they should be charged with hate crimes too. this incident should not be down played as just a disorderly conduct situation. if a white person would be charged with hate crimes, then a black person or any other nationality commiting such a crime should be charged the same way. unfair legal systems. things must be corrected now.

  5. http://nicholasstixuncensored.blogspot.com/

    But unlike the anonymous Newsmaxer, I went beyond simply pointing out that the morgue figures showed that blacks hadn’t disproportionately died following Katrina, but that whites had, and that the only credible explanation, based on what was known about the anarchy at the time, was that racist blacks were hunting them down and slaughtering them, just as they had sought to slaughter white rescue workers.

    Given that supposedly only 10 percent or less of the people left in town were white, and over forty percent of the dead were white, whites were dying at over four times their proportion. And that doesn’t even take into consideration that whites were reportedly concentrated in “safer” places. Thus, I am convinced that blacks were on search-and-destroy missions, hunting down and murdering whites.”

    After the Louisiana death figures were released, the mainstream media suppressed the story of the issue of the proportion of whites who met their end in New Orleans, and suppressed reporting on pre-Katrina criminality, while uncritically reporting scurrilous black charges of anti-black genocide.

  6. gene willis Says:

    eric holders affect on this nation.the p.c police is just that,yhe police or law enforcements to supress wrongs done to white people.media it dosnt matter unless it’s about a minority.i hope all you young white people are enjoying this.now you can live the same nightmare people back then had to put up with.dont you people just love the politicaly correct white people? this is what the youg whites wanted?now they got it.enjoy!

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