15-Year-Old Stabbed to Death


3 Responses to “15-Year-Old Stabbed to Death”

  1. denita allison Says:

    i knew eltonique, she was a very sweet and very happy young lady. she did not deserve what happened to her and the woman who did this to her needs to received charges other than man slaughter…that was premeditated murder. she knew exactly what she was doing, what kind of woman do you think you are going after a child to kill her. and the worst part is you were going after the even younger sister. i hope she fucking rots in the system. you will gets whats coming to you, karma is a mutha.

  2. ChimpHandler Says:

    One less sheboon having 10 illegitimate chidrens. Win-win as far as this whiteman is concerned.

  3. i feel like ………..everything happens for a reason sorry for the lost but i feel like oh my god you wimp of a female if you need weapons dont fight at all!

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