More Special Privilege

Negroes are allowed to thrive at sprinting and basketball, two things genetics has allowed, but whites are not allowed to dominate the the field of intellect.

So it continues, minorities are allowed their cake and the opportunity to eat it as well by being given more special privilege, much to the detriment of whites.


One Response to “More Special Privilege”

  1. NV:
    Sorry, but if I need a LEO, or a firefighter for ANY sort of emergency, I’d REALLY like to have the “A-TEAM” available, and that means the guys/gals with the HIGHEST SCORES and the MOST “smarts”…period.
    And if they all happen to be WHITE…s’ok with me.

    After all, you don’t take an orderly and make them a damn BRAIN SURGEON because they’re BLACK.
    Let THEM learn to “swim” just like everyone else…or tell them to get out of the damn pool…it’s that simple.

    I’m just sayin’…


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