White Man Attacked; Attacker Feels Whites Should Not Listen to Rap; I Agree

Joshua Lamb and Friends Feel Whites Should Not Listen to Rap

A 22-year-old white man was attacked by a pack of Negros, because the victim was listening to rap.

The man who suffered the attack, David McKnight said, “I feel it’s a racial thing really.”

David McKnight

In this rare case, I can somewhat understand the rage this Negro feels when it comes to whites listening to rap. Nothing turns your stomach more than seeing a white listening to filthy nursery rhymes with a jungle beat. But I feel an attack is a bit much.

Some headlines were quite misleading. The headline of the story by WFTV in Florida reads: “Cops: Teen Punched Man For Listening To Rap Music.” After watching the report you learn that he was not attacked by a “teen”, rather a group of eight Negros.

How could a title be so misleading or inaccurate?

Click here for the story.

Click here for an interview with the victim.

I would like to thank WhiteIGNITERS for this story.


3 Responses to “White Man Attacked; Attacker Feels Whites Should Not Listen to Rap; I Agree”

  1. Nivius:
    Anyone that believes that rap or “hiop-hop” is ANYTHING close to either a “art form” or a “music genre” needs to have the melon on top of their shoulders examined…A LOT!
    If anything, it’s a tribal beat to arms…in mumbled and ebonicized, bastardized English.

    It embraces hating law-enforcement, mistreating women, becoming a thug, getting anything and everything for free…and LOADS of money with things it can buy.
    But not ONE DAMN MENTION abot EARNING that money…by being a productive citizen, and obeying ANY law.
    Talk about being RACIST!!!
    (and against one’s OWN race at that)

    Helluva way to go through life, eh?

    Good post.

    Stay safe out in the “jungle”.

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