Rash of Hate Attacks in Staten Island

Click here for the full story.


6 Responses to “Rash of Hate Attacks in Staten Island”

  1. Can we assume the suspects are members of the Black African Americans of Color community?

  2. Yes, we can! Si se puede!

  3. Nivius,
    Have you seen this story out of NJ? I saw it on CNN and when I did a search to try to find a local story to try to get an idea of the race of perps I saw that it is even covered on HuffingtonPost – once the nigs piss off the Libs they’ll quickly wear out their “protected status”.


    • niviusvir Says:

      Thanks for the story, Bubba.

      It’s great to keep each other informed.

      It looks like that story has been hidden quite well from the public. I’ll see what (if anything) I can find.

  4. Correction, I saw the story on AOL not CNN.

  5. NV:
    Never saw this story until I stopped by HERE…

    How’s abouy they scoop up ALL those blacks, cart ’em all over to whatever stadium is still standing in NY and let ’em duke it out with the Hispanics…and charge admission to watch!

    Sounds like a way to make money for the city, and you get rid of another problem along the way.
    See, you CAN bring back gladitorial combat.
    (better than UFC)


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