Johns Hopkins Researcher Stabbed to Death After Complying With Robbers’ Demands

Stephen Pitcairn

John Wagner and Lavelva Merritt

Stephen Pitcairn went to college in Michigan. He worked in a laboratory in Japan for a year. He was fluent in Japanese. He then became part of the laboratory of Gregg Semenza, M.D., Ph.D., at the Johns Hopkins University. He was also studying breast cancer. But unfortunately for him, he encountered two members of society that could be described themselves, as societal cancer.

Mr. Pitcarin was in Baltimore’s north side, talking on the phone to his mother when a Negro male and female approached him and robbed him. After he willingly gave them the money which they demanded, he was stabbed to death. Unfortunately his mother heard the robbery and murder on the phone.

Police have arrested John Wagner and Lavelva Merritt in connection with this disgusting murder.


4 Responses to “Johns Hopkins Researcher Stabbed to Death After Complying With Robbers’ Demands”

  1. John Hopkins provides major economic and cultural benefits to Baltimore.

    Most, if not all JHU researcher’s come from elsewhere. Many are foreign.

    Some have never lived in cities before, never mind one of America’s most dangerous.

    Being on a cell phone, perhaps this young researcher’s “radar” was down. Or, maybe he had forgotten as he got off that train, to where he had arrived.
    He was not in either of two protected areas of Baltimore.

    Blocks surrounding John Hopkins’ Campus are manned by security. Probably this area, and the renovated waterfront park are the only places safe for unarmed, white pedestrian’s in the city proper after dark.

    Traveling in and out of these areas is, and for a long time has been perilous – even in an automobile ! After all, machines do break down. My recommendation is, if you can, find another school and another city to study and LIVE

  2. I notice they did not show a picture of victim Pitcairn. Was that because the victim was white? Is this a tactic of the media? If it is a black on white crime to show only a picture of the perp(s) or the victim but not both so as not to alert the white public to the prevalence of black on white crime.

  3. I once made almost the same walk as Pitcairn, only going up Maryland Ave a few blocks west after getting off the wrong bus that was going to take me to Hampden, and it was a bit earlier in the evening. This was in 1997 or so, before the ascension of the Emperor Jones. I wasn’t yacking on a cell phone and I’m sure I had a knife on me. The only person I saw who gave me the evil eye was a bum across the street.

    This was before all the high rise housing projects were demolished and their residents given Section 8 vouchers to infest the entire city, although the process had begun by then.

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