Mom Didn’t Want Savage Felon in Her House, Daughter Insisted, Mom Paid For it

Sarah Dixon and Juemal Morris

Rita McGinnis told her disgusting daughter, Sarah Dixon she did not want her felon boyfriend, Juemal Morris staying in her house because she was scared of him. But the 23-year-old daughter could not tolerate her mother not accepting her felon “Negro-god” living with them. So the Negro, Morris savagely attacked the mother with a golf club. The daughter watched then helped clean up the blood and dispose of what she thought was the body of her mother. They gagged and bound the victim, putting her in the trunk of her own car and transporting her to a spot where they dumped her.

The two assailants are on the run, being sought by police.

Ms. Dixon will surely find out the hard way, what a real prize she got.

MTV is not going to get her out of prison or resurrect her dead body after her “lover” is done with her.

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2 Responses to “Mom Didn’t Want Savage Felon in Her House, Daughter Insisted, Mom Paid For it”

  1. Can you believe the epic amounts of shit whites have gone through because a bunch of idiots brought Africans here hundreds of years ago? If only they could have seen the disaster that would befall their descendants because of it.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You make a good point, Pete. Buying Negro slaves from Negro slave masters was a very costly decision.

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