Innocent Victim Shot and Killed at Stoplight

William Ennis had the grave misfortune of pulling up to a stoplight in between two “groups of people” that were “exchanging words.” Both groups were apparently on opposite sides of the road which Ennis was on while in his vehicle. One group decided to open fire on the other, which unfortunately led to Mr. Ennis’ death. He was struck in the head and killed by a bullet that was allegedly intended for the other “group of people.” This happened in Richmond, Virginia.

The media report that police do have descriptions, although vague. But of course they do not reveal what they do have.

Now Nivius is going to go way out on a limb, using his “evil powers” of stereotyping and venture a guess of the race of the murderers: Negros.

If the identities of the killers do not remain hidden, and they are responsibly reported, then we will post it.

Click here for the full story.


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