Pet Shop Owner Just Simply Can’t Make an Honest Living Thanks to Thieves

James Galloway’s pet store in Georgia has been broken into on four separate occasions.

The man is just one of the many men and women in America trying to make an honest living around predominately Negro neighborhoods.


One Response to “Pet Shop Owner Just Simply Can’t Make an Honest Living Thanks to Thieves”

  1. I feel for him.

    I’ve spent some nights with a thermos full of coffee and a 12 gauge waiting for burglars to return. They did, as I knew the would, alas well after I’d given up my surveillance. When they did come back, a neighbor held them at gun point until the cops showed up. He told them he’d shoot their knee caps off if they moved. They didnt.

    Both my neighbor and the crooks were black. The neighbor, and family, were good people. They’d moved from the country to the city only a few years prior and he was still raising beagles in the backyard. You ask me, and I’ll tell you there’s something about the anonymity of a large city combined with the social welfare in place that is corrosive as hell to, mostly low IQ, folks susceptible to getting divorced from reality. You know, the kind of reality where actions have consequences.

    The crooks: one a two time murder the other a one time murderer. Why they weren’t still in prison, I have no idea. We shepherded the case through the judicial system to make sure they received adequate sentences.

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