Child Intentionally Shoved Into Traffic


5 Responses to “Child Intentionally Shoved Into Traffic”

  1. I saw this yesterday and was going to send you the link but I knew you’d be on it 😉

    I mean really, what on earth could a child this age do to deserve being shaken and thrown under a car? People like this who can’t raise their kids yet can’t or won’t keep their thing in their pants need to be sterilized but God forbid we infringe upon their rights to father oodles of kids they can’t/won’t/don’t support, letting the taxpayers foot the bill. It’s not just blacks doing this either…it seems that people of low IQ and income are the worst offenders. If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.

    Here’s an article you might find interesting:

  2. niviusvir Says:

    Thanks for sharing that story, Kaylee.

    Unfortunately it is another disgusting story about more of what I believe to be (descriptions were not provided of the assailants) Negro violence.

    There are no boundaries which they will not cross. Women and children are seen as weaker and thus prey in the mind of the predator. As if they are hyenas looking to devour a young wildebeest.

    I truly believe Africa is genetically encoded within the Negro.

    I completely agree with you regarding men siring children and disappearing from their lives. And I too will acknowledge that whites do the same thing, although it is not nearly to the extent of Negroes.

    Nonetheless, to men that truly do abandon their duties as fathers there should be strong punishment. The child does not deserve it nor does society.

  3. Deh groop home PTSD did it.

  4. The thing about the story from the link I sent you is that this woman was using her home as a safe house for drug activity yet the story reads that she did it to pay her utilities and care for her children. What about getting a freaking honest JOB to do those things. What in the hell are people thinking? If you participate in this kind of illegal activity sooner or later you’re going to get hurt. She was involved in smiggy bidness but they’re making her out to be mother of the year. What a crock!

    • niviusvir Says:


      I suppose after observing the relationship of the media and the Negro, I have become acclimated to their modus operandi, that is referring to evil as good and good as evil.

      The media are master illusionists, making even the greatest of magicians feel envy. They are calculated down to every last word.

      If painting the Negro in a favorable light is part of their agenda (which it is) then they will be perceived by many as just that – favorable.

      You are seeing through their con.

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