An Arrest has Been Made in the Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Case

Lonnie Franklin a.k.a the Grim Sleeper

Police Composite Prior to Arrest

He stalked and murdered victims on the city streets of Los Angeles for decades. He was given the name, the Grim Sleeper. The resulting name was due to the amount of time that would pass between this serial killer’s murders. The Sleeper’s identity has eluded detectives for years. But it appears his reign of terror has come to a halt.

DNA has helped lead to the arrest of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. A discarded piece of pizza gave police the genetic information they needed.

It is being reported that Franklin Jr. quite possibly worked as a mechanic for the LAPD.

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Thank you for mentioning this story, Pete.


2 Responses to “An Arrest has Been Made in the Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Case”

  1. I don’t think there’s been a white serial killer in the LA area since William Bonin, who was arrested thirty years ago. Now there have been five black ones in a row, despite the fact that the black population in the city is only one tenth of the total.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You mention some good points, Pete.

      I am familiar with The Freeway Killer.

      I’m certain that a great many Negroes meet the criteria necessary for them to be considered serial killers and mass murderers.

      But as long as the magicians running the media are very “selective” in what they show, or how much time it is shown, they can manipulate our perception of things.

      If blacks commit far more violent acts as well as being disproportionate, yet the news you are watching provides “equal” coverage of black and whites committing violence, then it is not equal. They are mitigating the severity of the Negro violence problem in this country.

      The men and women running the media show are master psychologists. They contemplate and consider the reactions of the public before every story they publish, much like their counterparts, politicians. They know what particular demographics want to hear and don’t want to hear.

      Their tricks cannot work forever. They can’t hide the violent nature of the Negro for much longer.

      Thanks again,

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