Mass Murder, ‘Beatings, Insults and Incest’

Marcus Wesson

Six years ago Marcus Wesson murdered nine of his children, some of which were products of incest. He ruled his house like a demonic despot, brainwashing and constantly abusing those who had the grave misfortune of living with him. He might very well be Fresno’s worst mass murderer.

I’m sure the things that went on in his abode of atrocities were mind-bending and horrific: what has been revealed is ghastly enough.

Out of character, ABC put together a documentary about a black mass murderer, this man in particular. Click here to see the documentary about Marcus Wesson as well as the terror and bodies he left behind. It is part of what I believe to be a series titled Family Secrets.

People can be reminded of this story before it recedes back to the lonely void of forgotten evil.


2 Responses to “Mass Murder, ‘Beatings, Insults and Incest’”

  1. Nivius,

    Did you hear about the arrest of the serial killer in L.A.? A black guy. Not only that, he’s the fifth black serial killer in a row for L.A. His name hasn’t been released yet but the earlier four were Chester Dewayne Turner, Ivan J. Hill, Michael Hughes and John Floyd Thomas.

    L.A. is only about 10 percent black.

  2. niviusvir Says:


    I appreciate your contribution.

    I’m familiar with John Floyd Thomas and Chester Turner, but I do not recall Ivan J. Hill. Nor am I familiar with the recent case you’ve mentioned.

    I would like to learn more about the latest case.


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