Merchants Prepare for Total Destruction in California if Verdict Does Not Satisfy


One Response to “Merchants Prepare for Total Destruction in California if Verdict Does Not Satisfy”

  1. Mythslayer Says:

    Of course, all the real people know what a destructive and violent race niggers are. They’ve seen it all before. thats how they know it’s coming. Innocent white and black folks know that the niggers will take this as an opportunity to vandalize and steal and pretty much go apeshit crazy and destroy their own town and homes and people around them. The only answer to this mess would be an armed and brutal response to the thugs that start this shit. If you stand back and let them have their way cause your scared of being called a racist, then your letting down the community and the straight tax paying citizens that own businesses and help their communities. Niggers do not fear or respect any complacent society. Only towns and people that stand up for themselves and show that they have balls and backbones do these thugs respect. They attack weakness, which is what the media and jews have turned our population into. PUSSIES. Stand up and take your country back from these people.If the police wont do their job, then what the fuck are they good for??? Taking reports and writing tickets ????? WTF !!!!!

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