Two Tampa Police Officers Executed

Two more police officers had to pay the price of diversity.

David Curtis

Jeffrey Kocab

Dontae Morris

Cortnee Nicole Brantley


3 Responses to “Two Tampa Police Officers Executed”

  1. NV:
    And to think it was nothing more than a “routine” traffic stop for those officers.

    I hope they fry this duo and save the taxpayers a TON of money (and time).
    And that STILL won’t recoup the losses for the families of those two slain officers.
    (nothing ever will)

    • niviusvir Says:

      You’re right, Bob. Unfortunately nothing will make things right for the families of these officers.

  2. Warlord1958 Says:

    Just put a round in the back of their chimp like skulls and save our time and tax money

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